When selling your home, it is important to understand some factors that will affect your house price. This way, when a potential buyer approaches you with lower rates than the actual asking price, you’ll be able to do the right home negotiation.

By understanding the real market current trends and values, you’ll set the perfect price for your house. Negotiating requires knowledge and patience!

Statistics show that Dallas house values have gone up over 23% over the past year, and it is forecast that they will continue growing up to 18.7% over the next twelve months. This is good information to understand when negotiation time arrives!

5 Important Factors To Consider

Understanding Housing Market

The real estate market is constantly changing, and house pricing in Dallas as well. This is why when negotiating a price, it’s important to know everything that comes with it. Real estate trends, interest rates, zone median house incomes, mortgage rates, and overall economy. With all this information you’ll be able to set the perfect price to your house and have a better negotiation understanding!


Location is one of the most important factors when it comes to house pricing. Land is the only thing that cannot be replaced as many other things, this is why it is so important. Location covers a lot of things from zone crime rates, flooding zones, comparables, and how close your location is to downtown amenities (schools, universities, malls, etc.) 

If you consider all these factors when negotiating your house price, you’ll have a better negotiation experience!

House Condition

House condition plays an important role in your house value. If you have worked on your housing repairs, maintenance, landscaping, renewals, etc. it’s for sure it’ll help you on your negotiation terms, since your house will have added value to it!

Inspections are also an important part when setting a house price. It’ll help to have everything in order by the time you list on sale and set a price. It’s better to have everything fixed before negotiation time comes!

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