Are you in the process of selling your home? If so, you’re likely aware of how much paperwork is involved. It can be easy to forget something important and delay the sale. That’s why we’ve put together these tips and a checklist of all the documents you’ll need to have before selling your house to make the process smooth as possible! Keep reading to learn more!

4 Tips To Get Through The Process of Selling Your Home Quickly & Easily

  • Determine A Price

One of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out how much you want to sell your home for. You’ll want to consider current market conditions and recent sales in your area when determining a price.

  • Be Prepared For Showings

Once your home is listed, you may end up having several interested buyers come through for showings.

  • Hold An Open House

 If you’re hoping to sell your home quickly and easily, holding an open house can be a good idea, giving potential buyers a chance to view your home in person and ask any questions about the property.

  • Make The Sale

When an offer is made on your home, you’ll need to review the terms and conditions of the sale carefully. If satisfied with their offer, you can accept it and prepare for the closing!

Now that you know some tips to sell your house, let’s see the documents you’ll need to have before selling your home.


Paperwork For Selling A House By The Owner

Before selling your home, be sure to have the following documents:

Original Sales Contract

This document outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, including price, closing date, and any contingencies included in the contract.

Title Report/Title Insurance

The title report or title insurance protects you as the seller against claims on your property. It shows whether there are any liens or other issues associated with the title to your property and will help ensure that you get a clear title once the sale is completed.

Mortgage Payoff Information

 If you have a mortgage on the property, you’ll need to provide your lender with a payoff statement showing how much money is still owed—paying off any existing mortgage during the closing process.

Now that you know what papers you need to have to sell your home, you can focus on making the process as quick and easy as possible. One great way to do this is by working with a qualified real estate agent.


Get The Help You Need To Sell Your Home Quickly & Easily

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