Taking the leap and moving to a new state is exciting, yet you must sell your current home before jumping in full force. While self-selling may appear enticing at first glance, you must understand the potential pitfalls – numerous horror stories exist of people who attempted this route only to have disastrous results.

The following blog will illustrate five mistakes to avoid to help you stay ahead of the game. Read on and make sure to take notes so that you can reap all the benefits of these valuable insights!

Avoid These at All Cost

    1. Don’t Do It on Your Own: Using an agent can easily increase profits up to $318,000 compared to just $260,000 without one. Even though it may take more time and effort at first glance, hiring a realtor will save you money in the long run.
    2. Don’t Hide the Repairs Needed: When selling your property, an inspection is inevitable. Even if you own a mature home and there are repairs to be done, don’t think buyers won’t notice – they definitely will! Be truthful about the condition of your home; otherwise, you’ll have to answer for it later.
    3. Don’t Keep the Clutter in Sight: If you want potential buyers to be attracted by the beauty of your home, it must remain clutter-free. Piles of paperwork, untidied toys, and damaged furniture make your house look like a mess- not an inviting atmosphere! 
    4. Don’t Keep Everything in the Dark: If you wish to create the perception of a larger, brighter room, open your curtains and allow natural light to fill every nook and cranny. To craft an atmosphere that is truly inviting, adorn your home with fragrant candles as well as start a fire in the fireplace for extra warmth and comfort.
    5. Don’t Keep the Showings Restricted: When selling your house, the more potential buyers you have access to, the better. Therefore, remain flexible when it comes to showing hours so prospective homebuyers can view your property during their free time- weekdays or weekends.

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If you cannot sell your house, you won’t be able to move on with the next chapter of your life. You don’t deserve this after all the enthusiasm and excitement for what’s ahead! No doubt, a reliable and experienced real estate agent who can steer you towards making educated decisions in this market when it comes time to “sell my house“.

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